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About Dr. Hamifard

On this page, you will get acquainted with Dr. Hamifard and his beauty clinic.
With the advancement of medical science in the field of beauty, it can be said that most of our expectations as human beings are as diverse creatures that we are looking for beauty; It is not so strange and unattainable ...
Performing cosmetic and rejuvenation processes, like all branches of medicine, requires sufficient knowledge and updating of methods along with the progress and developments in this field in the world.

At Dr. Hami Clinic, using the latest methods in the world and using up-to-date equipment and consumables with the top available brands, we are proud to take you step by step to a variety of beauty services such as nanoft, blepharoplasty, skin rejuvenation, Treat hair loss, correct the shape of the nose, and so on.


Dr. Ehsan Hamifard was born on March 6, 1981 in Yazd. He spent his golden age of middle and high school in talented schools and in 2000 he entered Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and passed the general medicine course. After two years of military service and a short period of medical activity, they went abroad to undergo advanced beauty courses.


Among his honors are obtaining degrees:
IMA Dubai
DASIL in Shanghai, China
Beauty certificate from AADA and ...
Performing more than 1200 nanofeeds (nano fat injection) and more than 400 blepharoplasties by Dr. Hamifard is one of the remarkable and record-breaking cases in this profession. During these years, she also attended large congresses and beauty conferences in countries such as France, Switzerland, Spain, etc., and is currently working in Yazd province, the medical hub of Iran.


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