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Facial Beauty

Facial Beauty

Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is done in different ways such as injection method, using advanced devices, etc. Depending on the problem that the client has, the appropriate method is identified and performed.

Injection of fat and nanofluid

Nanofat or fat injection is the depletion of live fat cells in parts of the body that have excess fat and the transfer of fat extracted by injection to an area of ​​the applicant's body that is deficient in fat. Step 1: In this method, the doctor, after identifying areas of the body such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and sides that have excess fat, with local anesthesia without incisions and stitches using a tool called a cannula and make a small hole from The target point for fat extraction is the removal of fat cells. Step 2: In this step, using special filters for drained fat, the applicant's body is converted to nano fat. Step 3: The processed fat is injected into the required area of ​​the body or face of the applicant using special tools and techniques and local anesthesia. Effects of fat injection or nanofluid: 1- Rejuvenation and volume of the face and treatment of skin wrinkles 2- Removal of scars and open pores of the skin

Treat blemishes and boils

Peeling or peeling is a treatment method in which the surface layer of the skin is removed. Which is done in several sessions and depends on the skin. Things that need peeling peeling: 1. Existence of facial pimples and removal of scars left from facial pimples 2. Existence of facial spots 3. Coke Mac

Fix facial imperfections

With a specialized examination by Dr. Hami, the defects of the client's face will be diagnosed and, depending on the client's circumstances, the necessary planning will be done to perform the desired actions.

Eliminates drooping and puffy eyes

The latest method is face and body lift, which is performed using absorbable yarns made in Korea in a completely sterile process. In this method, the threads are implanted under the skin and its effects are determined after two months and can last up to two years. This method is used to lift and tighten the cheeks and eliminate the smile line, lift, tighten the skin of the chest (75, 70 or less) and the skin of the abdomen, thighs and arms. There are also threads for the treatment of eye, lip and mouth wrinkles, which have very good effects. In this method, there are no complications and it is done during a session with local anesthesia, and after the operation, no symptoms are seen on the face.

رفع غبغب

Fix ghbbb

It can be done in two ways: 1- Injection of fat burning gel that is suitable for small volumes. Needs 3 sessions once every two weeks 2- Pulling fat during a session that is suitable for wrinkles that have a considerable volume. It is performed during local anesthesia and outpatient in the office for 15-20 minutes. They wear guns for two weeks, it takes a month for the final form to be determined. Genes wear only 24 hours a day during the day and sleep at night. After 24 hours, they take a shower every day and massage gently in the shower, and at night, while sleeping, they massage with vegetable oil.

Chal cheeks

It is an outpatient surgery performed in an office under local anesthesia. Surgery is performed inside the mouth to create a cheekbone, and two weeks later the suture is removed. After about two months, the hole becomes completely normal.

Buccal fat removal

It is done for people who have fat faces. This operation is also an outpatient surgery that is performed in the office through local anesthesia and inside the mouth and fats. This operation requires a thorough examination to determine if this operation is suitable for him or not.