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Filler and Botox injections

Filler and Botox injections

Lip shaping

The final state of the lips in each person to three factors: 1. The initial shape of the lips 2. Volume and amount of gel (cc), quality and volume of brands 3. Injection technique (some techniques like Russian require 2cc gel) - In different techniques for injection, 1cc of gel can be injected in such a way that the lips are in a normal state Be or now have a special form and state.

Cheek shaping

These fillers are injected to correct imperfections or shape the face. Both types of anesthesia are used to inject these fillers as follows: Injectable: laugh line, cheeks Topical: cheeks, jaw and chin angle

Correction of the shape of the nose

Nasal filler injection is a type of rhinoplasty without anesthesia that plays a role in the beauty of the nose It has a lot. The filler is injected in the parts where there are irregularities and depressions and it is necessary They will be filled. For three groups of people, the nose can be corrected through filform: 1. Fallen noses 2. Curves with a curvature or hump 3. Noses that have been operated on and have a large deviation or inclination) must be by canola and only in Nasal blade and tip of nose are done (

Eliminate dimples and dark circles under the eyes

Eye filler is used to remove dimples and a little dimming under the eyes. In the first session, one cc is used and most of them do not need to be repaired and more gel is needed. This filler is usually injected with a cannula (a tool to prevent bruising).

Angle and face modeling

It is a kind of elimination of facial imperfections that is done in order to advance the face in the direction of modeling forms. Modeling forms are forms that have prominent angles. In simpler language, there are certain beauty curves in the face. In this operation, bumps and depressions are created on the face to make the client look more beautiful. Also, depending on the face, each person may need cheek injections, jaw and chin angles.

botax injection

Aesthetic applications: Treatment of wrinkles on both sides of the eyes, known as crow's feet wrinkles; Erase the frown line (between the eyebrows); Eliminate horizontal lines on the forehead; Eliminate neck wrinkles; Raising the corners of the lips; Raising the tip of the nose.
Therapeutic applications: Drooping eyelids Jumping eyelids or jumping eye muscles - Chronic migraine Neck muscle spasm An overactive or overactive bladder Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) Some neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy)