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Peeling’s dos and don’ts

Objectives: Peeling is a method that is very inexpensive and has many therapeutic benefits, but unfortunately, many doctors and people are afraid of this method, and the most important reason for this fear is the lack of proper training.

In this lecture, I intend to present the important and key points of peeling to the participants so that they can benefit from the benefits of this method and stay away from its side effects.

Introduction: I have done the peeling method for about 5000 cases for more than 10 years

i have used this method for the treatment of scars;PIH; hyper pigmentation;melasma in these years.

I am fully aware of the benefits of peeling and I know its possible side effects, and I also experienced the method of managing side effects well.

We have the duty to transfer our own experiences to other doctors in order to spread science properly so that both society and doctors can benefit from it.

Materials / method: In this speech, I am going to present the following points about peeling by summarizing my experiences and previous articles:

What is peeling;What is the reason for fear of peeling

Peeling application;Peeling case selection;Peeling materials

Peeling management;Combination therapy with peeling

peeling case management

All the mentioned points will be completely practical for doctors and they are presented in such a way that they can use this method correctly as soon as possible

Results: I have done this training method in Iran for about 300 doctors and I have achieved very good results

In this group of doctors, the fear of peeling decreased by about 75%, and performing this procedure in this group increased by about 43%, and the amount of complications from peeling in this group decreased by about 37%.

Participating doctors reported to me that the level of client satisfaction with peeling treatment has increased by about 68% compared to previous treatment methods.

Conclusion: Peeling is a very useful treatment method that we have a duty to use correctly in order to treat our clients

It is our duty to take care of the health and beauty of our clients, and the first step in this direction is proper education.

This lecture has been collected using the experiences of about 5000 peeling cases as well as previous articles to provide correct and comprehensive training.