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Acne Scars Treatment


This method is a kind of combined therapy that can be used for all type of skin & all kind of scars.

I have achieved the best results in 300 cases that I have done versus other methods.

The best quality of this method are :

No side effects،  low costs & most effective

In this combined therapy we can use all the benefits of several methods to achieve the best results


This method is a kind of combined therapy that can use for acne scars treatment.

In this technique  I have  used subcision – collagen stimulator filler-peeling – non cross linked HA mesotherapy – home used topical creams.

Due to this combined therapy،the treatment has been done in two layers : 1-deep dermis 2- superficial epidermis.

Subcision : minor surgical procedure that used for treating depressed cutaneous scars.

Collagen stimulator filler : this type of filler contain PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) that is bio-stimulator & can rejuvenate & volumizing the skin.

Peeling : use some special materials to peeled off the superficial epidermis.

Non cross linked HA mesotherapy : that use for acceleration of repairing process

Topical creams : including sunscreen – repairing cream- AHA cream- moisturizing cream .


At first we should exam the face  carefully till determine the type & shape of scars so then planned the treatment.

The best strategy for this combined therapy is that at first we do subcision with collagen stimulator filler،then during 3 month we do peeling with TCA(20% -40%) one time every month.

During this 3 month we can use non cross linked HA for acceleration of repairing process.

As you know topical creams can help us to protect from treated skin & prevent from PIH.

After 3 month we evaluate our case & then decide for next 3 month period if she/he  needed

In my experience this period can be repeated for 4 times till achieved the best results.


During 3 years I have used this combined therapy for about 300 cases & I have achieved wonderful results versus lasers & other techniques.

I have experienced that for acne scar treatment we need combined therapy & single therapy can not satisfy our cases.

During this therapy we need our patients accompany، so that will be happen if we explain  the therapy process completely at first session.


This method is the best method for acne scars treatment due to combined therapy & two layers therapy(deep dermis – superficial epidermis) simultaneously.

This is very important that we can heal the acne scars from deep to superficial & this raise our results.

As you know there are many cases that during single therapy the healing process has been stopped so the best solution is combined therapy & this strategy that I have experienced is the best due to using several methods & two layers therapy simultaneously